Born on Fairchild Air Force Base and raised on a cherry orchard in north central Washington State, I grew up hiking, camping, skiing, organizing neighborhood drama productions, and bossing my two younger siblings around.


I earned a BA in English and Italian Literature from Stanford University ('91) and an MA in English Studies from Western Washington University ('96), and between those degrees taught high school English for a few years at the Ojai Valley School.


After working for Outward Bound in Maine, Montana, Texas, and Washington for 25 years, I joined Methow Arts Alliance as the Education Director from 2010-2022. I'm now the Associate Director of the Methow Conservancy, a community land trust.  

As a writer, I am interested in stories. I want to know the history behind personalities, the journeys that led to business ventures, the challenges and passions that create athletes. I am also intrigued by what happens to people when they're in the mountains, on rivers and rock, out 

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in wild spaces. The backcountry--or even the frontcountry, in the right circumstances--can be profound, transformative, and even magical. I enjoy trying to capture the essence of moments created by surrendering ourselves to outdoor experiences. 


I am a contributor to the Methow Valley News, Bluebird Grain Farms, Bronwen Jewelry, the Twisp Chamber of Commerce, Outdoors Northwest, Samata, Stanford Magazine, and American Whitewater Journal. I co-authored Leadership: The Outward Bound Way and contributed to Why We Boat: Running Rivers on our Own


I live in the North Cascades, in Winthrop, Washington, with my husband and two teen daughters. Whenever I can, I slip away to Nordic ski, run, hike, paddleboard, rock climb, and swim in the outdoor playground that surrounds me. (To watch a short Zoom talk I gave about what the Methow Valley means to me, click HERE. The topic and I get introduced at the 17:30 mark, I begin speaking at about 21:00).