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Meg Donohue: Blue Star Coffee Roasters

If there were a way to share a scent file, now would be the time. As you’re reading about the people, processes, and values behind Blue Star Coffee Roasters, what would be better than enjoying the rich smell of roasting coffee beans wafting past your nose? But such are the internet’s limitations — I happily revel in the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of the Blue Star Coffee Roasters roasting plant and coffee bar while you, the reader, are left only to imagine.


Hank Konrad: Hank's Harvest Foods

A few weeks ago, Hank Konrad, along with his family and employees, celebrated Hank’s Harvest Foods’ 40th year in business. They greeted friends and customers warmly, handed out free food and drinks, and made sure all the guests were being taken care of. In other words, it was almost just like any other day at Hank’s, with Hank working alongside his staff to meet community and individual needs. 


Patrick Hannigan: Nice Nests

About a decade ago, Patrick Hannigan was looking for something to do with his grandfather, who was in assisted living. “Boompi” had been a carpenter all his life, and Patrick had always been fascinated by birds; building bird houses seemed like a great fit. Although Boompi passed away in 2010, Patrick continued the practice with his young daughter, Posey. The bird houses from the Boompi era are now interspersed with the bird houses from the Posey era.


Jonathan Baker: eqpd

Like most young people who move to the Methow Valley, Jonathan Baker arrived with dreams. But while others were lured by visions of themselves atop alpine peaks or shredding backcountry powder, Baker was drawn to the Methow by the dream of manufacturing something here. Initially educated as an architect, Baker realized early in his career that he wanted to make things, and when he visited the Methow Valley from his native New England, he knew that he wanted to make things in Twisp, Washington. 


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