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Take me to the river

Methow Valley News Summer Guide 2016

If you’re a swimmer, kayaker, rafter, canoeist, paddle-boarder, angler, floater, or someone who just likes to read a book along the shore while listening to the river’s whisper, the Methow Valley is the place for you. With waterways stretching from the far reaches of Mazama down to the Methow River’s confluence with the Columbia, the Methow can get you waterlogged to your heart’s content.


Head for the hills

Methow Valley News Summer Guide 2019

The mountains call us, just as they called John Muir and other early adventurers, and we must go—not because the mountains demand it of us (they do) but because we feel like the truest and happiest versions of ourselves when we are in them. “Going to the mountains,” said Muir, “is going home.”


Let it snow

Methow Valley News Winter Guide 2019-2020

Picture a vast glittering white blanket, with smooth stretches, steep folds, and a few rolling bumps. Now add a shimmering river, frosted pines, majestic cottonwoods. A network of pathways spiders across the blanket, running through fields, over hill and dale. Sprinkle in a couple of cozy huts and a charming town at either end of the blanket, and you’ve got the Methow Valley trails system spread out before you, just waiting for you to clip on your skis and insert yourself into the picture.


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