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The Plunge

Updated: Jan 14

It was a big year, 2022. My oldest daughter graduated from high school. I left a nonprofit organization I'd been with for 12 years and started a new nonprofit career. For the first time in my adult life, I didn't spend my first month at the new job wondering why I'd ever left the old one. Over the summer my daughters turned 18 and 16--milestones marking new levels of independence (for them) and irrelevance (for me). I dropped my oldest daughter off at college--a place she now casually refers to as "home," which is both a relief and a tiny pang in my heart. I officially entered menopause. I picked up some reading glasses. I stopped being our household's primary grocery shopper and cook.

Here's to taking the plunge in 2022 and to regaining equilibrium in 2023.

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